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Family Resources

Northwestern provides a broad range of resources to help postdoctoral trainees integrate their personal and professional priorities as they pursue research excellence, including a dedicated Family Resource Liaison for individual work/life consultations. Key resources are highlighted below.  

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs also regularly organizes family-friendly events for postdoctoral trainees, including a family BBQ to celebrate National Postdoc Appreciation Week, winter holiday parties, and an annual town hall for postdoctoral trainees with children. Details about these events are shared in the OPA Wire and on the Announcements page of this site.   

The Office of Work/Life and Family Resources

The Office of Work/Life and Family Resources  provides a range of services to support the work/life and family needs of postdoctoral trainees, including workshops and resources on parenting and childcare. Schedule an individual consultation with Lesley Lundeen, the dedicated Family Resource Liaison, to learn more about the resources available to help you navigate your professional and family responsibilities. 

Postdocs with Children Canvas Support Group

Lesley Lundeen manages a Canvas group to help postdoc parents and soon-to-be parents connect with one another and share resources and support. Learn about how to join. 

Family and Parental Leave Policies

  The leave policies available postdoctoral trainees at Northwestern vary according to appointment type:

Child and Dependent Care Resources

Northwestern University provides the following resources for postdoctoral trainees seeking information on child and dependent care. Additional information can be found on the Human Resources website: 

Lactation Support at Northwestern

To support postdoctoral trainees who are nursing, Northwestern University provides a number of resources and lactation rooms on the Evanston and Chicago campuses. More information, including a map of lactation rooms, can be found on the Human Resources website.