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Mentoring is a central and essential part of the postdoctoral experience. Postdoctoral training not only provides scholars a chance to learn with established experts in their fields, but also affords them opportunities to shape the next generation of scholars by serving as advisers to graduate and undergraduate students.

Mentoring relationships

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs recognizes the important impact effective mentoring relationships can have on the postdoctoral training experience and provides postdocs at Northwestern University with a host of resources—both in-person and online—to help them establish productive and rewarding relationships with mentors and mentees. More information on these resources can be found on the pages in this section.

Mentoring best practices and skill-building

Northwestern faculty offer advice on skill-building and the best practices of mentoring.

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Mentoring workshops

OPA runs quarterly workshops for postdoctoral fellows in all disciplines who would like to learn best practices of working with mentors and mentees.

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