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Postdoctoral Researcher Opening at The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University Office of Research is seeking a postdoctoral researcher in diet and excercise in the development of GI cancers.


A Doctoral degree in an appropriate discipline is required. Animal handling experience preferred. Knowledge of cell and molecular biology and mouse models of cancer desired; Experience in bioinformatics, Ingenuity and TCGA data analysis analysis desired. Requires successful completion of a background check; qualified candidates may be asked to complete a pre-employment physical including a drug screen.


Postdoctoral researcher to pursue specialized research training and experience under the guidance of a scientific mentor; conducts research to characterize and understand the mechanisms of the role of diets and exercise in the development of GI cancers in particular pancreatic cancer; develops a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the basic mechanisms of tumorigenesis and cancer prevention, which will include the use of biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, molecular biology, proteomics, animal modeling and mouse genetics, translational medicine, and/or the use of human tumor models of GI cancers; develops, adopts and implements new laboratory methods to evaluate the role of diets and exercise and the mechanisms for cancer prevention and achieve characterization of the genetic basis of human cancers; identifies novel genes and examines their role in cancer development; implements new laboratory methods to study the link between diets and exercise and cancer prevention; analyzes changes in gene copy number, RNA-seq, TCGA, mRNA or protein expression, gene cloning and mutation detection; participates in analyzing data for reports for the purpose of grants submissions; trains staff in molecular biology techniques; assists PI with grant proposals to obtain outside funding from state and federal agencies; participates in analyzing data for reports for the purpose of grants submissions.


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