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Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity - Cell Polarity Signaling, The Ohio State University

A postdoctoral position is available in a cell biology lab at The Ohio State University. The lab investigates GTPase signaling pathways involved in development of cell polarity using budding yeast as a model organism. The lab is currently looking for a postdoc who will work on an interdisciplinary project to understand how cell polarity signaling regulates cellular lifespan and aging. This collaborative project combines methods in genetics, biochemistry, quantitative microscopy, and computational modeling.

An ideal candidate for this position is a recent PhD with strength in quantitative microscopy. Prior experience with image analysis programs or live-cell imaging using a microfluidics-based platform is a plus, although not required. Experience in yeast genetics or molecular biology is not necessary.

The Ohio State University provides good resource for postdocs on campus, including various training opportunities, internal postdoc fellowship, and traveling awards. Salary and benefits will be determined according to the NIH guidelines and university policy.

Please send application (including CV with 2~3 names of references) or any inquiry to Hay-Oak Park:

Hay-Oak Park <>
Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics
Ohio State University
484 West 12th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210-1292