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Funding Opportunity: Michelson Prizes (Immunology)

The Michelson Prizes are awarded to young investigators who are applying disruptive concepts and inventive processes to advance human immunology, vaccine discovery, and immunotherapy research across major global diseases. 

The 2020 Michelson Prizes will focus on transformative research in human immunology, with trans-disease applications to accelerate vaccine and immunotherapeutic discovery. The funders are seeking high-impact and highly innovative research that has the potential to be applied across many diseases and to significantly expand our understanding of the human immune system.

Applicants must be 35 years or younger on October 31, 2019.

Pre-applications are from Monday, September 9 through Thursday, October 31. Notifications for full applications will be made in December 2019, with prizes awarded in June 2020.

View the Michelson Prizes opportunity on their website for more information.