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Postdoctoral Training Opportunity – Cancer Therapeutic Resistance

The Abdulkadir Laboratory, the Feinberg School of Medicine, and the Lurie Cancer Center, are seeking motivated postdoctoral fellows to work in cancer therapeutic resistance.  We use comprehensive chemical, cellular, genome engineering, omics and animal model approaches for understanding advanced, therapy-resistant cancer and for developing novel therapeutic approaches. Our work is geared to generally culminate in collaborative human clinical trials. We have a special interest in transcription factors (e.g. MYC, AR), epigenetic regulators (e.g. DOT1L), immunology and prostate cancer. A MD or PhD in cell biology, chemical biology, immunology, biochemistry or genetics is preferred. Experience in bioinformatics analysis is advantageous. 

Interested applicants should submit the following documents assembled into one PDF file to

  • A Cover Letter describing your interest in this position.
  • A CV listing your education, training background, publications, and skill set.
  • One to two Reference Letter(s), including from your current mentor(s).